Binary Options Trading Behavior On Each Country

Binary Options Trading Behavior On Each Country! A lot of people become interested in financial markets such as Forex or Binary Options trading. And involve for entertainment, making money or even due to their addiction. In general, we can categorize those who are in these markets in three different groups of Binary options Trading Behavior On Each Country!

The First Group, People From Rich Countries Such as America (USA)

The first group is people from rich countries such as America(from different states such as Chicago, New York, Georgia etc.), the United Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar etc. The main purpose of the majority of Binary Option Trading Users from these countries is entertainment, taking pleasure in Binary Options and Forex markets. Only a very small percent of this group, follow the markets in order to make a permanent profit and look at it as an income.

closeoption Binary options Trading Behavior On Each Country

The Second Group Are People From the Second World Or Even Third World

The second group are people from the Second World or even Third world countries who permanently involved in profit and loss, and their main goal is making a profit. This group usually consists of people mostly from Asia (e.g. Bangladesh, Malaysia, India, Iraq, Indonesia etc.), or Africa (e.g. Egypt, Nigeria etc.).

Binary options Trading Behavior On Each Country

In fact, they are in search of making a profit in Binary Options and Forex trades and not entertainment. It is possible that after awhile it becomes a habit or addiction for them. But the primary purpose is making money. With daydreaming and hope of huge profits, they enter this stream. However, a very small percent of people (around 5%) in these societies think logically and deal scientifically. With having a strategy are looking forward to a logical and permanent profit in Binary Options markets which finally leads to an appropriate income.

Finally, The Last Group Are Those Who Have Entered The Binary Options

Finally, the last group are those who have entered the Binary Options market based on the others’ advice. For example, they had observed their friends while trading and became interested, without any primary purposes. It is not considered as a member of the first group due to the fact that their goal is not entertainment and also they had not followed the market themselves. Likewise, we are not able to categorize into the second group, because their intention is not making money in Binary Options Market. These followers could be called purposeless. Actually, they contaminate by the first or second group and later will become a member of them!

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