Free Entry to Deriv Academy — Build your networks’ trading skills

Free Entry to Deriv Academy — Build your networks’ trading skills.

Free Entry to Deriv Academy  – Deriv makes it easy for anyone to start trading, understand risk, and make better trading decisions. The tools and platforms have clear and simple instructions and are intuitively easy to navigate. Deriv also regularly provides market news, analysis, webinars, ebooks, video tutorials, and help center articles to help you stay informed and become a better trader.

Deriv Binary Options and Forex Broker

The Deriv Academy is now live,

Free Entry to Deriv Academy makes learning to become a better trader easier. At Deriv Academy, you’ll find step-by-step blogs, videos, and more to help you to learn about the financial markets, trade types, and Deriv platforms. So even if you are a beginner or seasoned trader, the Deriv Academy provides them with all you need! 

To check Deriv Academy, Go to -> Resources (On Top Menu) -> Academy.

Broker Bonuses & Advantages:

  • Free Demo Account Without Deposit – practice with an unlimited amount of virtual funds – Click Here to Open an Account
  • Trade Binary Options and Forex using the exact login details
  • Low Minimum Deposit – 5$
  • FREE TRADING SIGNALS on the DMT5 Platform
  • Free Entry to Deriv Academy
  • Small Minimum Trade Size – 0,35$ for Binary Options & 0.01 Lot for Forex
  • Earn 200% Profit / Trade Every 1 Second – Expiry Times: 1 Second to 365 Day
  • Trade Binary Options using DTrader or SmartTrader Trade Platforms
  • Trade Forex using the DMT5 Trading Platform
  • Automate your trading ideas without writing code using DBot – Free Trading Bot
  • Mobile Trading Available
  • Regulated on: Malta | Vanuatu | British Virgin Islands | Malaysia
  • Online Since 2000

Deriv Binary Options and Forex Broker

Trading Platforms:

DTrader Platform:

A whole new trading experience on a powerful yet easy-to-use platform!

50+ tradable assets and growing | $0.35 minimum stake | 1s – 365days flexible trade duration | >200% potential payout

Trading Types: Rise / Fall | Higher / Lower | Touch / No Touch | Matches / Differs | Even / Odd | Over / Under

Trade what you want, when you want…

Forex, indices, commodities, and synthetic indices — whether the world markets or artificial markets excite you, you’ll find them here.

SmartTrader Platform:

Trade the world’s markets on the classic platform!

Trading Types:

Up/Down – Rise/Fall | Higher/Lower | Touch/No Touch | In/Out – Ends Between/Ends Outside | Stays Between/Goes Outside | Asians | Digits – Matches/Differs | Even/Odd | Over/Under | Lookbacks – High-Close | Close-Low | High-Low | Reset Call/Reset Put | High/Low Ticks | Only Ups/Only Downs

DMT5 Platform:

The all-in-one FX and CFD trading platform – MT5 Trading Platform! 70+ tradable assets and growing | 1:1,000 maximum leverage | 30 maximum lot size

DMT5 Standard account | DMT5 Advanced account | DMT5 Synthetic Indices account | Practice with Demo accounts

DBot – Free Trading Bot:

Automate your trading ideas without writing code! 3 pre-built strategies included | FREE zero cost to build | 50+ assets to unleash your bot

Start with a popular strategy using DBot.

Martingale, D’Alembert, Oscar’s Grind, Cutler’s RSI, Bollinger Bands, and SMA Crossover — load and customize proven strategies or create your own from scratch.

Access tutorials, guides, and reference information as you build your bot.

Free Entry to Deriv Academy

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