How to Identify Scam Brokers?

How to Identify Scam Brokers? Some Binary Options websites with the following methods try to cheat customers

  1. Change the price of financial markets intends harm to the clients:

In this case, the broker with the artificial-intelligence software created fake prices and with the help of psychology with a perfect evil scheme try to eliminate their customer investment.

  1. The customer benefit can obtain in accordance with broker law can remove from the system:

In this case, the lucky or professional binary options customer make a profit in this market but the binary options broker eliminate this profit.

iqoption How to Identify Scam Brokers?

  1. Broker ignore clients withdrawal request:

Delay customer withdrawal request for many false reasons. Push the customer to give up getting money or profit. Moreover, customers due to the lack of inconvenience to get profits to make emotional trading and intentionally eliminate investment. Plus he/she losses money from his /her trading account (however even though the client does not eliminate his/ her own money, the Broker will not pay).

  1. They do customer withdrawal in the form of simulated.

They inform the client that they have sent money but they did not and will not send money. By doing this in a history of the software is recordable that withdrawn can do. The Binary Options company throws responsibility to the bank and make themselves clean and innocent.

Binary options, in a number of countries around the world such as Cyprus, is completely supervised by the Central Bank. But this supervision does not mean the Scam activities of these companies in other countries like the United States of America or some other countries. In other words, many countries have a legal limitation in this case. Some other countries such as Australia and New Zealand have recently announced about Binary Options companies.

iqoption How to Identify Scam Brokers?

How to Identify Scam Brokers?

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